Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Fun!!


Randall Kiggins, one of Tims buddies, stopped by for a few hours to hang out with Tim one afternoon (unfortunately for me) he rode his bike over.  Well, that just opened a can of you know what!!!!! Because all Tim wanted to do was ride his bike. Noooooooooo.   That didn't seem to help.  Since Tim had just received his new Leather Vest which was given to him by Marine Corps League   Marines Helping Marines. ( A bunch of nice retirees).  He thought it only fitting to take the bike and the vest for a ride.  I starting yelling and screaming at him.  Randall, Dave and Tim started laughing at me saying why nothing is going to happen,its just around the block.  Not funny boys.  Then Tim uses his famous line  "Mom whats the worst that could happen" and we all know how that line came about!  boy some times I just wanna............

Hope all this makes sense.  He is doing better but not great.  He has his good days and then his bad.  But we are all coping.

Lots of Love 



This was just the way I caught him, checking CrossFit sites and reading up on their Journal pages and then playing X-Box.  Leave it to Tim!  I told him he needed to ice his jaw because the swelling was bad.  So he did, i was thinking more on the lines of resting while icing.  Tims look on his face the pleeeeeaaasssseee look.  And for most of you, you know that look.  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lets Explain the Photos!!

The pics with Teachers and class
One of our best friends, Beth Weston, is a 3rd grade teacher.  So while Tim was in the hospital Mrs. Weston's students and Miss Ajai's students wrote letters and drew pictures for Tim.  They were some of the cutest get well cards.  So today, Tim and I stopped by her class to say hi and thank you. The kids were excited to see him both classes set around in a big circle just waiting for Tim to say something. Both teachers told the students they could ask a couple of questions and they did.  One of the kids asked how it felt to be blown up, and another about meeting the President.  One of the kids said he was just in awe that Tim stopped by to say hi.  Tim thought the kids were just so cute.  Third Graders WOW
Now the picture of the Cross-fit sign
Tim is having such a hard time not being able to workout.  He lives and breaths Cross-Fit. For those of you who know nothing about it just talk to Tim and he will give you the whole run down.  Tim and R.J. live for it.  Their day is just not complete with out their workouts.  Tim found out there was a class on Nutrition at the Willow Glen Cross-Fit Gym so we headed that way.  We picked up R.J. in San Jose and then we decided to visit the Cross-Fit Gym in Santa Clara, BOY WAS THAT A TREAT FOR THEM.  Jason Kalipa who is the Cross-Fits 2008 Champion owns that Gym.  R.J. was able to work out with them and he did great.  Tim was in heaven.
PT has started and the first day Tim was so sore, he couldn't do anything the next day. I tried to tell him 3 weeks in a hospital bed takes a lot out of you.  Therapy is 3 times a wk.  I took some good pictures they had him on the bike and he was going to fast so Bryan his therapist told him to slow down and Tim stated" I am trying to catch Lance I am on the Tour De France".  I just love that Kid.  They have given him many of exercises to do at home so really it is 7 days a wk.  Its not Cross-Fit but it will have to do for now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five Days Home

Can you believe it we have been home for five days and I am still trying to catch up on sleep.  Tim is doing so well.  He gets fustrated easy only because he can't workout, he is obsessed with Cross Fit and is just aching to get back to the workouts.  That is probably going to be the hardest thing for me,  keeping him down.  The doctor says take it easy so all the wounds can heal and he fights me on that.  Remember I am the MOM and I normally win. Three doctor appts down and unsure how many more to go.  Dad and Tim went and bought a new X-Box so that is the best way for me to keep him down, he still makes his comments "man I just want to go workout."  His drive is great but I just want him to heal all the way before he hurts himself.  We have had a lot of support and friends stopping by and that has just shown us all how much he is loved.  Thank you all for your support. 
Here is a picture of Tim acting funny which is nothing new.  I am so glad his spirit is in tack.  His smile is back and so is his humor. 
The Friday before we left we were invited to the Eight and I Barracks to watch The Marine Corps Silent Drill Team and listen to the Marine Corp Band andDrum and Bugle Corp.  Tim was honored that night and that was unexpected but so enjoyable.  So much brass WOW even Rick was excited.  After his 8 years in the Corp this was just so exciting for him. We visited with a few Sgt Majors and their wives of course they were dressed very nicely and me in my Marine Mom sweatshirt and Capri's just felt very out of place.  We had drinks and appetizers and we visited with Lt General John W. Bergman and also The Honorable John M, Mchugh who is the 23rd Congressional District of New York.   
Tim and Rick received so many coins from so many high ranking Marines.  He has 8 new coins, of course the presidents coin get him free drinks on base but Dad said it is not leaving the house.  No telling where is might wind up. 
This was one of the most horrifying things to have happened to all of us, but so many wonderful things came out of it all.  Tim was just amazed at all the people that came to visit him and just felt overwhelmed.  We are all very glad to be home with family and friends. 
Love to all thanks again.
Vicki a very proud Marine Mom

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update From Vicki June 11,2009

Well last night was exciting friends and family came to visit from the time we walked in the door till about 10:00p.m.  He finally went to bed and sleep good.  I watched him sleep last night late and that helped me.  I know sounds weird but whatever.  I'am the MOM and I can do that.  This morning Tim was in a little pain but thank goodness for meds.  We went to breakfast with Grandpa, Liz and the rest of the family very good to see him eat so well.  Then it was off to the first of many doctor appts.  It went good,  Dr Bishop from the Modesto VA asked him if he fell and hit his chin, (his neck is bandaged) he said no I got blown up.  You should have seen his face..  Did the once over then looked at me and said someone was on his side.  Looked at all his wounds and said he is healing well. The doctor was a little upset that he only has 30 days here at home, because the VA can only take care of him while he is here then he will go back to base and have to start all over with new doctors.  We came home after the doctors and now he sleeping peacefully.  Everyone is gone right now doing errands and Tim is sleeping and guess what I was watching again.  That momma thing.  LOL    We have more friends stopping by tonight so he is getting his beauty sleep not that he needs it.  So that is one of the updates, still more to follow.  Love to all and thanks for all the prayers

Love Vicki

Welcome Home Tim!!

They are Home!!

As many of you know by now they are home.  It was not a fun trip home for them.  I will just post the e-mail that Vicki sent to me about the trip home.  So after they actually get some sleep we will getting you a more detailed update on how Tim is doing.  Thank you for all keeping him in your Prayers!!


WOW Debbie I am so tired.  I don't think I can think
We left the hospital at 3:00p.m. boarded the plane at 5:15 then sat in the plane for 3 hours waithing for the storm to stop.  Then we flew for 4 1/2 hours, of course missing our connecting flight.  So we spent 10 hours in the airport not the best place to have a comfortable nights sleep.  We left Arizona at 7:45 a.m. a couple of people gave up their first class seats Tim and I flew together last night so I let Dad and Tim sit in the good seats from Arizona to SF and arrived nicely.  Bill and Kate were there waiting for us and so happy they were.  Just get me home that is all I could think of.  I am so tired and just feel like I am in shock but very happy to be home.  We drove up to our home WOW R.J. and  some church members decorated the outside very patriotic and Kate, Kathleen, and Stephanie decorated the inside it looked so beautiful.  So much love.  We can not thank everyone enough.  I will give a more detailed update later.  Sorry just very over whelmed right now and very tired.
Sorry Debbie i am just so tired and there are so many people here in and out and it is very hard to keep my mind on this letter.  Hope this is ok.  Tim also has a doctors appt tommorow and then more to follow.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on The Trip Home

Hello Everyone,

Vicki just texted me not much but a slight update.  They have been on the plane for about 3 hours, but there is a storm they are waiting to pass. But then they told her to turn off the phone so maybe they will be on the way shortly!!   If I hear anything I will let you all know.


A Smile A Day!!

Thanks Allie

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Home Yet

They were not able to get a flight out today (Monday) They will try again tomorrow but I guess this is on a daily basis.  He did get the staples taken out of his chest today.  All is good.  I will keep you updated on the flight as soon as I know.  

Do you have a good photo of Tim??  E-mail it to me if you do!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tim's Going Home

First of all let me tell you all how thankful Rick and I are for the love and support you have shown to our family.. I am so happy to have all of you in our lives. Sorry for not keeping up with the info but things have been a roller coaster, but we have great news Tim should be home by Monday and I can't wait. He has a long road to recovery but we are ready to start handling them from home. First we have set PT in Modesto so we don't have so far to drive 3 times a wk. Then ENT and Oral will be in Palo Alto at the VA Hospital. They told us this morning that they may bring Tim back here for some work on the wound under his chin, but we are not sure they may decide to perform it at a different location. We would not mind if they brought him back here this Hospital is amazing I can't say enough about these people. Of course we all have our favorite Nurses but we love them all.

Love Vicki


Just a quick update and I am sorry I haven't been very good at updates in the last couple of days!! He is doing so well and as you read in Vicki's update he is going home in a couple of days!! He was discharged today (Saturday Afternoon). He gets tired pretty easy but is really happy to be out of the hospital. Doctors orders were that he had to stay on the base for the next couple of days. So he is staying of course with Vicki and Rick in the their room. He is still pretty medicated for pain but was able to walk up 3 flights of stairs yesterday skipping 1 stair with each step in PT (no wonder he is getting tired). He will be coming home for a 30 days convalescent leave.

He has many stories to tell which I am sure that we are all looking forward to hearing!! So after a nice fast lesson on this blog he will be able to give you updates which I am sure everyone will look forward too!! I guess I will be laid off soon!! I continue to keep you all updated until he is ready!! Hopefully doing a better job then the last few days!! Vicki also wants to Apologize for the lack of updates as well she said it has been crazy and to get a few minutes to write something has been hard.

They do have some pictures to share but her camera had died and is unable to upload me the pictures. But we will get them on here hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday!!


It's Tease Time

I dug into the old pictures and came out with one of my favorite memories of Tim. We had a nice Mothers Day lunch at the Waldron's and Tim came home from work and just Jumped in the pool with all the kids clothes and all!! I ended up getting some pretty good pictures of him!! I love the one that he is hanging out upside down!! My other favorite is the tight pants at the bottom!! How do you whistle on the blog!!
Love Ya Tim

Thursday, June 4, 2009